Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make food not spicy, without peanuts, or shellfish?

  • All of our food can be customized to your need! Most of our food can be make to have zero spices or raise the spiciness all the way up.
  • Whether it is the peanut or any other ingredient that you allergic to or just doesn't want on your plate.  Let us know, and we will make sure to cook to the way you would like your meal to be served.
  • Having shellfish allergy can make your choice in choosing your meal a headache.  However, our restaurant can cook all of our food to have zero shellfish and still taste great!

Are you Vegan? or wishes for gluten-free meal?

  • The flexibility of our menu can be adjust to the way you wish to eat.  Whether you are just vegetarian and would like to eat plentiful of vegetable, semi Vegan that can eat seafood but not meat, or fully vegan that wish no meat or seafood in your meal.  We can accomidate all of your need and you can alway asked our server to see if the dish you like can be alter to Vegan version or not.
  • Are you allgergic to wheat?  or wishes to eat your meal gluten-free?  We got you cover!  We have different type of noodle that are 100% gluten-free and we even have gluten-free soysauce to ensure the dish that eat will remain delicious.

Do you offer delivery service?

  • We currently offer delivery to our customer that ARE within 5 mile travel distance.  We have $25 minimum and FREE delivery for first 2 miles or order greater than $50.  Longer distance may be avaliable if it a large order.  Please call us for more detail.  ( Our delivery hour is only up until 9:00pm)
  • We also affliate with Eat24 and Grubhub for our online ordering.  If you wish to order your food online for pick up or delivery, you can visit our page on Grubhub or Eat24. (Free delivery offer will not be avaliable unless you order from our restaurant phone number)

Do you do catering service?

  • We have our catering menu and pricing avaliable here. For any other dish outside of the menu that we have avaliable please give us a call for special pricing and quote.
  • Sterno and food stand available upon request.  Service fee may apply.
  • For catering service, we do offer farer distance than our regular delivery restriction.  Give us a call for more detail.

How do I place a catering order or try out samples?

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